If you are unsure as to the costs involved in employing a lighting designer we are able to provide a fee proposal outlining the process and costs involved. Northcote Lighting works on an hourly basis for maximum efficiency to the client but realistic, approximate total costs are provided on a project by project basis.


It is crucial to meet with the client and other relevant parties to discuss the client requirements and scope of the design. Ideally this is done on site or, where this is not feasible, we can work from scaled plans. If these are not available sketch plans can be done.

Every design is tailor made to the project so furniture layouts are essential. Additional information such as joinery details, bathroom and kitchen elevations, an idea of colours and textures used will help and minimise the need for revisions. Integration with AV and control types should be established at this stage.


Following the initial meeting and on receipt of any other necessary information full lighting plans will be done on AutoCAD, showing exact positioning, circuiting and control. This will be supported with a full specification, specification sheets of proposed fittings and mood boards to illustrate design intent. Subsequently, quotations will be forwarded from suppliers for client approval.


Inevitably, changes occur during the course of a project and it is vital that the designer is made aware of these, however small, as they often impact on the lighting. The lighting plans are updated as and when is necessary.


The importance of these is often underestimated but they form a crucial part of ensuring a smooth installation process. Architectural anomalies are not always translated on plan and working closely with contractors to deal with onsite alterations will prevent mistakes and/or additional cost implications. We recommend at least one site visit at first fix.


Northcote Lighting will supply quotations but it is the responsibility of the client or contractor to purchase all fittings and controls. Updated quotations in line with the latest revised drawings will be provided to allow for a straightforward ordering process.


It is the responsibility of the contractor to install the fittings as per the plan, supplier specification sheets and in line with current building regulations. Northcote Lighting are contactable throughout the process to deal with any queries relating to the design. Technical advice should be sought direct from the suppliers.


Final commissioning of the lighting scheme and any control systems used is vital in ensuring the scheme is delivered as intended. This includes checking all fittings are correctly positioned, spotlights are angled as per the plan, scene setting is programmed to the clients needs and any final concerns are addressed.


The design service is charged on an hourly basis and in most instances a fee proposal is done to allow the client to budget for accurate costs. For further information or if you would like to arrange an appointment please get in touch.