Northcote Lighting was founded in 2014 by expert lighting designer, Alex Fry.

Often referred to by clients as their ‘secret weapon’, Alex has an Interior Design diploma from KLC School of Design and over fifteen years’ experience in the lighting industry. This includes thousands of hours spent honing her skills at renowned lighting design company, John Cullen.

Alex believes that lighting is the essence of any great interior – that it shouldn’t be left as an afterthought (it’s never too early to seek professional advice). She is passionate about sustainability and enhancing energy efficiency wherever possible.

Alex has worked on a huge variety of projects both internationally and in the UK and can resourcefully steer her clients through the ever-changing developments in technology whilst simultaneously delivering mood and ambience to complement any interior style.

As an independent consultant with a fantastic reputation, Northcote Lighting is able to source from a huge range of suppliers and draw on excellent existing relationships with high-quality architects, developers and interior designers. This helps ensure that projects are delivered to the highest possible standard to suit each client’s brief and budget, whether it be a listed building, new build or country garden.

“Lighting is increasingly being given the attention it deserves. It has the ability to transform any space, modern or traditional, large or small and reach its full potential. I look forward to helping you with yours”


“Prior to meeting Alex we undertook all our own lighting schemes based on a fairly standard design. It was only after her first project for us that we realised the merit in lighting design and the huge impact it has, to the point that I would now say it is one of the most important aspects of any project.

Alex is very talented at what she does, she has a fantastic eye for design as a whole and this comes through in all her lighting designs. We could not recommend her more highly.”

Nick Jacob, Londres Developments Limited

“Lighting design is one of the most important aspects of a property refurbishment and often one of the most overlooked.

From effective project management right through to implementation, Alex worked tirelessly alongside the building team to create a stunning lighting plan in our home. She is passionate about lighting, and we love how she has created subtle “zones” within larger rooms purely by clever use of lighting. We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.”

D. Smith, Clapham, London

“Alex Fry is a super professional. Lighting is a cleverer business than most of us understand. Alex knows her stuff and can transform a dull space into a subtle and interesting one”

Sue Lawley, London, SW1

“Alex is a true professional and understands lighting inside out.. with a keen eye for detail, she has the amazing ability to transform a room (or entire house & garden in our case!) through her schemes and intelligent use of lighting. I cannot recommend Alex highly enough.”

L. Van den Bergh, Hampshire

“Alex’s services were invaluable to the overall look and feel of the refurbishments we have done. The rooms are transformed into wonderful relaxing living spaces.
She is a pleasure to work with – both enthusiastic and knowledgeable, working beyond the call of duty. She worked very well with the project manager and electrician and was at the end of the phone/email whenever needed. The cost of her services added little to the overall expenditure and made a marked difference to the finished look. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

C.Boys-Stones, London, SW12

“I thought I had a pretty good idea about lighting but Alex took us to an entirely new level which we wouldn’t have got close to without her help and advice. She quickly appreciated what we were looking for, provided clear and detailed plans and contacted the suppliers for quotes. She even came and did the final bits of commissioning herself. The end result is stunning and we couldn’t be more pleased.”

R.Milburn, London, SW17